MMIW: Unsolved Cases

As you might know, tribes are rarely able to prosecute non-tribal citizens for crimes they commit on our reservations. As a result, our reservations are breeding grounds for wicked people to rape, murder, and assault our people. 


Because the local police are rarely allowed to prosecute crimes outside their jurisdiction, the FBI is the only department able to investigate crimes committed by non-Natives on tribal land.


In 2016, the last year these stats were kept, there were 5,712 known cases of missing or murdered indigenous women. However, only 116 were logged into the DOJ database. For over 90% of the crimes, a real investigation never happens. 


MMIW: Unsolved Cases: Have you heard about Red Road TV? This is our 100% free indigenous programming available on Roku and other smart TVs. Since we don’t charge for our programming, we must raise money for anything we produce.


We’re currently working on the first five episodes of a show that will highlight unsolved MMIW cases. We’re hiring private investigators to go where the federal government will not.


On April 15th, we will release a new website that will allow us to share information and hopefully bring some of our stolen sisters home. Our budget is tight, and we are short $11k for advertising and equipment if you want to donate money or equipment. 


We want you to know that 100% of all Red Road Institute’s donations return to our communities. Not one person on our staff receives compensation.