Red Road Alert

As you might know, tribes are rarely able to prosecute non-tribal citizens for crimes they commit on our reservations. As a result, our reservations are breeding grounds for wicked people to rape, murder, and assault our people. 

Because the local police are rarely allowed to prosecute crimes outside their jurisdiction, the FBI is the only department able to investigate crimes committed by non-Natives on tribal land.

In 2016, the last year these stats were kept, there were 5,712 known cases of missing or murdered indigenous women. However, only 116 were logged into the DOJ database. For over 90% of the crimes, a real investigation never happens. 

So we’re putting together this program to help our people because the government will not. 

Red Road Alert: On July 1st, we will roll out the Red Road Alert in South and North Dakota. This system will allow tribal police departments and police in cities surrounding reservations to send a text alert to people who have subscribed to our service when one of our relatives is missing. 

This is similar to an Amber Alert and will help our people be on the lookout for our relatives and share information. 

We plan to expand this to other states as funds and grants become available. However, we need $19k more to ensure this is financed for an entire year.