Recognize the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina

Use this form to email your senators and ask them to vote YES on S.1364, the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina Recognition Act. The Lumbee Tribe has over The Lumbee Tribe’s 55,000 members who have been instrumental in the success of the state of North Carolina. 

Harvey Godwin,  the former Lumbee Chairman, spoke to the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs in January of 2021, stating, “We have been seeking fair recognition since 1888. Congress actually caused an additional harm in 1956 when it passed the Lumbee Act. In that bill, the Lumbee were both recognized and terminated in the same language on the same day. There are only two other tribes that have suffered the simultaneous recognition and termination … and they both have achieved full and fair recognition through legislation since that time. It is time for the federal government to acknowledge who we are. It is time for Congress to undo the harm that it did in 1956.”

We are so close to seeing this come to fruition. Last November, the House of Representatives passed a version of this legislation (H.R. 2758) with rare bipartisan support (357-59). Ask your congressperson to do the same!