Turtle Island Repo

Turtle Island Repo

Turtle Island Repo is an organized effort by the Red Road Institute to hold the United States government accountable for the deceitful way they took land and the treaties they have not honored. 

The goal is not to remove the non-indigenous people of this land because that would be committing the same atrocities that happened to us. Most people alive have not directly participated in land theft and genocide, but they should recognize that they benefit unfairly from it.

There is a way that both the indigenous people of this land, the United States government and the descendants of colonizers and immigrants can live in harmony. 

Anything less will not be acceptable. 

1. We demand that all public lands be returned to proper tribal nations’ control. This will not lead to the removal of non-indigenous people. However, the decisions about these lands should be made by our people. 

2. We demand that all sacred sites be returned to our people. While tourism will still be allowed, the calendar of availability is controlled by our people. This will allow us the freedom to worship in sync with our spiritual calendar without interruption or distraction.

3. We demand Full recognition by the federal and state government of our treaty rights to fish and hunt on this land as we see fit.

4. We demand that the United States government fully fund a program to increase the wildlife on tribal lands that were intentionally destroyed, such as the buffalo. 

5. We ask that all public universities allow the indigenous people of this land to attend their schools for free as they are on stolen land. 

6. We ask that all non-indigenous people on this land pay a voluntary tax to the land’s original inhabitants. This might be as low as $1 a month or as much as $1000 a month. The amount is not as crucial as the acknowledgment and efforts to bridge the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous people.